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Lawsuit Lawyer Toronto

Have you suffered injuries or damages to your property or breach of contract for which you wish to be compensated? Or performed a job and have not been paid? Or being sued for failure to abide by contract terms? Or your contractor did defective work and was negligent in their performance causing damages. Or you have not been paid back the money that you lent to someone that owes you? Small Claims Court handles any claims for the payment of money up to $25,000.

At Juzkiw Law Firm, we are focused on providing affordable and competent legal representation which is tailor-made to meet your expectations. Mr. Juzkiw is committed to effectively representing the client’s best interests to recover economic damages.  To meet this challenge, Juzkiw & Company priority to keep abreast of the legislative changes and leading cases which may impact on achieving superior results and large settlements for our clients.

Mr. Juzkiw has comprehensive experience in handling Tort Litigation, Professional Negligence, Appeals and Judicial Reviews, Partnership and Business Disputes, Injunctions and Ex Parte Motions, Estate Litigation, Disability Benefits, Real Estate Litigation and Latent Defect Claims, Breach of Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Defamation, Insurance disputes and Collection of Debt actions.