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TTO lawyers | Stefan Juzkiw Mobile: (416) 992-8193 | (416) 290-5055 Location: 4711 Yonge street. 10th Floor

Mr.Juzkiw has been a Lawyer since 2012 graduating Wayne State University Law School. He has had broad experience in Immigration Law, Civil Litigation, Small Claims Court, Criminal Charges, Family Law & Divorce, Traffic Ticket Offences, Landlord-Tenant, Wills & Estate , and Corporate Law. He believes in advocating for the client's best interests by finding practical solutions.

In addition to being successful Lawyer, he has built a reputation for providing sound advice and being someone you can reply upon with trust and confidence through thick and thin. Our multi-ethnic team is committed to excellence in everything we do.

We are here to help you. We have life-long relationships built to last with our client, handling several matters for the same client from divorce to civil disputes.

Email: info@juzkiw.com