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Have You Been Arrested?
Stefan Juzkiw Will Defend Your Rights

At Juzkiw Law Firm, we understand that being arrested and charged is an intensely stressful event. You need an affordable, result-oriented criminal lawyer.
Your feelings of fear and uncertainty are strong and can be overwhelming.

You are looking for someone whom you can rely on and find you the best solution to build a strong defence to have criminal charges reduced or the charges dismissed altogether.  Contact Mr. Juzkiw a Criminal Lawyer to help you!

You may have been charged with a crime, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a criminal or a bad person. It simply means that you need someone to help you get through the allegations against you and build a strong defence.  You may fear all the repercussions of a conviction: a permanent record, possible fines and jail time, restrictions on your ability to travel and the social stigma. Mr. Juzkiw takes care of Bail Hearings & Bail Reviews, Charter Challenges, Preliminary Inquiries, Expert testimony, Judicial Pre-Trials, Jury and Non-Jury Trials and Challenges for Cause.

We have highly competitive and affordable rates with easy payment modes.

At Juzkiw Law Firm, you can rest assured that you have successfully defended charges and Mr. Juzkiw has the experience to take your matter to trial, where we will try to demonstrate reasonable doubt and weaknesses in the Crown’s evidence.


Traffic Tickets

Have you received a traffic, careless driving or speeding ticket in Ontario?

Traffic tickets are an unpleasant fact of life. Many of us simply wince and pay them, not realizing that doing so may have significant consequences on our ability to drive and our insurance rates. If you are aware of the consequences, you may want to fight your ticket.  Hire Juzkiw & Company to help you fight your traffic ticket offences.

 At Juzkiw Law Firm, we fight your tickets for you! We’re familiar with every detail of the traffic laws, as well as the processes and people involved. When you hire us, you know you won’t be facing the traffic court system alone. Our professionals are focused on giving you the best chance at protecting your driving record and keeping your insurance rates low.  Juzkiw & Company takes care of Speeding tickets, Careless driving / Distracted driving, Stunt driving/Racing, Drive with suspended license, Commercial motor vehicle charges and CVOR, Novice driver including escalating penalties, No insurance, Seat-belt tickets, Minor offences including hand-held device and pedestrian crosswalk tickets and Impaired Driving / Driving Over 80 mg.