Are you ready to file for a divorce and looking for an experienced family lawyer to fight for you?

We understand that no one plans to get a divorce and it is always times of emotional upheaval, tough negotiations and difficult decisions. During this extremely sensitive phase, your emotional mental frame may interfere with the ability to make the right decisions. With our assistance you will be guided to make informed decisions. Mr. Juzkiw will help you to determine the issues in your case, assist, and advise you of your rights and obligations, explain what you may expect to achieve, outline the costs involved and manage all separation negotiations in the most time-efficient and least costly manner. We are dedicated to the practice of Family Divorce, Child Custody & Access, Child Support, Child Adoption, Division of Assets and other family law or legal matters. Mr. Juzkiw has successfully argued issues before the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice and Divisional Court.  Mr. Juzkiw experience in litigation, but at all times encourage where possible negotiation toward settlement.  He is also experienced in mediation and resolution of family issues. As a skilled negotiator, Mr. Juzkiw’s goal is to save you money and time by quickly resolving your family law disputes to help you move forward with your life as soon as possible.

Juzkiw & Company puts extra care to ensure that a client feels comfortable, informed, and confident with their choices. Let us help you make this transition easier as soon as possible.


Why go through rejection when you can hire an experienced lawyer who has experience in handling all kinds of Immigration applications. Juzkiw & Company helps individuals, families, and businesses navigate the complexities of Canadian Immigration Law and help our clients to save money and time.

Immigration rules are continuously changing and complex. Let our team of professional, results-oriented and driven handle your case. At Juzkiw & Company, no task is too small or too complex. Our multi-ethnic staff assure to make things easier and assist you through the Immigration process. Each application will be reviewed by the Lawyer to avoid rejections and delays. It is our mission to help you make Canada your home.

At Juzkiw & Company, we provide services in Provincial Nomination Programs, Investor & Entrepreneur, Federal Express Entry, Work & Study Permits, IRB Appeals & Judicial Review, Family Sponsorship, PR Card & Citizenship and Settlement Services.


Have you been Arrested or Charged with a Criminal Offence?  Let Mr. Juzkiw help you defend your charges.

At Juzkiw & Company, Mr. Juzkiw understands that being arrested and charged is an intensely stressful event. Your feelings of fear and uncertainty are strong and can be overwhelming. You are looking for someone whom you can rely on and find you the best solution to build a strong defence to have criminal charges reduced or the charges dismissed altogether.

You may have been charged with a crime, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a criminal or a bad person. It simply means that you need someone to help you get through this. You may fear all the repercussions of a conviction: a permanent record, possible fines and jail time, restrictions on your ability to travel and the social stigma. We take care of Bail Hearings & Bail Reviews, Charter Challenges, Preliminary Inquiries, Expert testimony, Judicial Pre-Trials, Jury and Non-Jury Trials and Challenges for Cause.

Juzkiw & Company has highly competitive and affordable rates with easy payment modes.

You can rest assured with Mr. Juzkiw representing you because he has successful defended charges and has the experience to take the prosecutor to trial to demonstrate reasonable doubt and build a strong defence against your criminal allegations.


If you or a loved one has been injured, or a fatality has occurred, you have a right to assistance from your own insurance company. In order to protect your entitlement to Accident Benefits, immediately notify your insurance company of the accident. Remember, the sooner your accident is reported to your insurance company, the sooner you seek legal representation, the quicker you will be able to claim the accident benefits, medical care and recovery from your injuries that you are entitled to.

At Juzkiw & Company, Mr. Juzkiw believes in providing all of our clients with up to date information about the rights and benefits they deserve. We offer transparent legal advice so you know exactly what to expect right from the beginning. You are entitled to benefits even if you were at fault.

Mr. Juzkiw will work with you to ensure you receive the attention and care you need in order to recover.

Juzkiw & Company will fight for you throughout all steps of the legal process. Mr. Juzkiw will stand up for you, and be available to answer your questions, and handle everything that you need assistance with. There is no fee unless we achieve a settlement on your behalf.


Juzkiw & Company has experience in handling complex and challenging litigation.

Have you been treated unfair, or any breach of contract, or got cheated by someone in any way, Mr. Juzkiw will fight for you!

Mr. Juzkiw provides exceptional, diligent and affordable civil litigation services . His problem solving skills could help you to avoid unnecessary and expensive litigation. We provide you practical and effective solutions. Our Lawyer Mr. Juzkiw has gained significant expertise in arguing complex questions of fact and law, often involving substantial sums of money and valuable property.  He has successfully identified and resolved a myriad of complicated procedural and substantive issues.

At Juzkiw & Company, our services include:  Tort Litigation, Professional Negligence, Appeals and Judicial Reviews, Partnership and Business Disputes, Injunctions and Ex Parte Motions, Estate Litigation, Disability Benefits, Real Estate Litigation and Latent Defect Claims, Breach of Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Defamation, Insurance disputes and Collection actions.

Mr. Juzkiw at Juzkiw & Compay is committed to effectively representing the client’s best interests.  To meet this challenge, it is our priority to keep abreast of the legislative changes and leading cases which may impact on achieving superior results and large settlements for our clients.


Who doesn’t want to ensure their loved ones are protected always, even when you are no longer around? Mr. Juzkiw acting as your estate advisor can protect your loved ones, maintain a family business, save taxes, avoid conflicts between beneficiaries, take care of charitable interests and accomplish many other objectives. We can help you to plan  and take care of your loved ones by making a will, based on your wishes ranging from property and guardianship of children to funeral services.

At Juzkiw & Company, after some careful estate planning discussions, there are a number of elements of a comprehensive and thoughtful estate plan which may be appropriate in certain cases, including wills, domestic contracts, life insurance, gifts during your lifetime, estate freezes, family and other trusts, and powers of Attorney for property and personal care. Our services includes Continuing Power of Attorney for Personal Care, Continuing Power of Attorney for Property, Estate Trustee Applications with/without Wills, Administration of Estates, Appointment of a Guardian for Incapable Persons, Dependents Relief Application, Estate Planning, & Trusts (Intervivos or Testamentary).

Mr. Juzkiw will help you put everything in place to ensure your family is protected even after your death and decide how to divide your estates assets as your wish. and decide who inherits your estate. In the event that you lose capacity, with a will, you can be rest assured that your family will be taken care of.


Are you buying or selling house or planning to rent out your house? It is always wise to check all the legal options and protect yourself from the consequences of not being cautious and careful. At Juzkiw & Company, Mr. Juzkiw takes extra care in securing our clients rights and interests by providing legal advice in Real Estate matters. You can count on our multi-ethnic staff in providing with best legal options.

Juzkiw & Company services include:  Real Estate Law & Closing, Zoning & Land use, Title Disputes, Condominium Law & Development, Title Insurance Claim, Residential & Commercial Leases, Residential & Commercial Closings, Draft & Review Agreements, Breach of Sales Agreements, Foreclosure & Power of Sales, Design Build Agreements, Property Tax Appeals, Commercial Landlord & Tenant Issues, Mortgage & Loan Enforcement and Land Assembly & Developments.